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life is beautiful.

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that is all.

Article to share about Life and its tragedies and how we see our own.

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I’ve been pouting and crying about a few things lately.

Then I read this article today and thought, “Nope. Now this is Life. And perspective is the secret ingredient we are sometimes unwilling to taste.”

I’ve been pouting less after reading the article, not because this story feels and reads as sadder than my own, but because it was a humble yet blunt reminder that we are all going through stuff all the time. We are all in need of a kick in the ass sometimes to help us not hinder ourselves by drowning in our own self-pity and wallowing. Even though we all must grieve at some point, how we grieve and what we do with that grief is the difference. Grieving the “couldawouldashoulda” moments are a waste of time – hard to let go of, yes – but a waste of precious time. Again, please click the link above to read the article. Worth it.

Letting go of the choices you didn’t make.

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I once made this choice, many years ago in a more naive phase of life, that I haven’t been able to let go of for weeks. I don’t feel like writing about that part right now though – the choice I made – instead, I prefer to share what I learned about living with choices at all.

The alternative to not sitting well with your choices is having the anxiety shits for weeks, because you’re living with regret. And living with regret is the worst thing you can do to yourself, ever.


So, tip from the future: stewing in regret over the choices you didn’t make is the WORST mindfuck game you can play with yourself. I really don’t suggest it.

–future me.

monkey too


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Trying to come up with a good idea is a lot like taking a shit- push too hard and you’ll hurt yourself.

I feel ya guuurl.

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Approaching Wednesday like this today.

Have you heard of these guys? probably.

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Looks like I’m the person who’s always last to hear the news when it comes to talented people. Millions and millions of hits and I’m just getting around to knowing this band. Not sure if this reflects how out of touch I am.

and this one:


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